Jets at Kings: It’s Still January, So The Kings are Still Losing

By Diane Phan
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Jan 11th, 2015

Well that was a wild and crazy game to say the least.

The Bad

  • – The Kings love falling behind early in the game, but this was definitely more dramatic than usual. Six and a half minutes into the game, the Kings fall behind by THREE goals in the three shots that the Jets took. We take a moment to weep for Jonathan Quick’s poor save percentage.


  • – Going down three goals so early means that there needs to be some sort of momentum shift, so of course there are tussles and scrums galore. The game ends with 37 hits thrown by each team, but what’s amazing is that Trevor Lewis was the one who led in hits with 7. He does it all.

  • – Speaking of doing it all, Trevor Lewis had an opportunity to go during the shootout (it led nowhere), but he also earned a point with an assist for a great play he made on Kyle Clifford’s goal. You go Trevor Lewis.

The Good

  • – The Kings scored 4 unanswered goals to give them a 4-3 lead after falling so far behind, so early. In addition, the Kings power play continues to be effective with 2 of those goals coming on a power play, one on a 5-on-3 and the other with a man advantage.


  • – Kyle Clifford, who we often want good things for because he works so damn hard, earned himself his 2nd goal of the season after some tremendous hustle in front of the net.

The Ugly

  • – During the second period, Tanner Pearson hustles towards the puck near the end boards when Jay Harrison crashes into him and leaves Pearson hurtling towards the boards with his left leg crunched at a painful angle.


    It was confirmed later that he’d fractured his left fibula, and is out indefinitely. This comes on the heels of Pearson being named to the Rookie All-Star Game which he will obviously miss. Linemate Tyler Toffoli is out with mono indefinitely, so Jeff Carter is all alone, centering no one. And while illnesses are serious business, I can’t help but laugh a little at what Toffoli has.

It was a game in which so many things happened: goals, fights, injuries, OT, the shootout, etc, the only thing that didn’t happen was a Kings win. The injuries/sickness to 2 of the Kings biggest points producers doesn’t help them either, so it continues to be January, and the Kings continue to sadly limp along.

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