Aug 1st, 2013

THX BUD is an LA Kings-focused fan blog and podcast, run by a couple of twenty-somethings who dig representing California and hollering alongside strangers at hockey games.

CHANELLE BERLIN started mouthing off about pop culture as soon as she realized she could get free CDs and concert tickets if she reviewed music for blogs. She stumbled into sports blogging during the 2012-13 shortened season when the LA Kings twitter invited actress/comedian (and hockey n00b) Retta to Staples Center. Chanelle thought to “Help A Retta Out.” She went to her first college hockey game in 2006 but didn’t fall for NHL hockey until after she graduated a few years later. Now it’s a love affair and a learning experience.

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DIANE PHAN grew up figure skating, so her first brush with hockey was disgust and admiration over how much sweaty dudes could stink up a locker room and chop up the ice. Her first NHL game was in the late 90s when performing between periods at a Ducks game (sorry), and Teemu Selanne told her mom that she looked real good out there (NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS FROM ME). She spends a lot of time stridently talking about hockey and nerd things to anyone who will listen and has mastered the art of car jamming to sweet playlists because it’s about 100 miles from her house to the Staples Center.

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