PODCAST 104: The Narrative Is Dead, Long Live The Narrative

By Thx Bud
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Apr 19th, 2016

Remember when it was 3-0 a couple years?


The LA Kings decided to almost ruin all of our lives by needing to win Game 3 in the Sharks’ building to avoid another reverse sweep dream. That was torture. That was cruel. All we wanted was to see Los Angeles avoid having to face that again and potentially lose the joy of 2014’s epic comeback.

Luckily, Dustin Brown and Tanner Pearson saved us from the jaws of hell.

The Kings overcame once again allowing a goal on the Sharks’ first shot. They also, despite several penalties, came out on the winning side of the special teams battle. At one point it took a clown car effort where they Sharks had 10 shot attempts, but LA still held on to reach overtime.

Now the Kings have a chance to tie the series and really get back in this thing. There’s hope! It feels so much better than thinking about brooms.

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