Best of the West: Week 1 (and a half)

By Diane Phan
In Best of the West
Oct 17th, 2014

We all know that the Kings are the best and the most important team in the West, but sometimes, you’ve got to check in on what the other guys are up to.

Anaheim Ducks

  • -John Gibson, the Ducks projected goaltending hero, ended up being a bit of an early season bust. It’s down to the minors with you boy! And to think, the Kings didn’t even have to pull out their greatest weapon, Trevor Lewis, to fell him.
  • -Patrick Maroon is usually “the other guy” in the Getzlaf-Perry line, but it looks like he’ll be out for a while after a collision where his knee bent in a way it shouldn’t.


  • -The Ducks got a banner too, but uh, they skipped on having a ceremony for it. Probably wise.

Arizona Coyotes

  • -Would it surprise you if I said that there were some ownership changes in regards to the Coyotes? No, I didn’t think so.
  • -The team looked to make a splash at the beginning of the season, proving that they’re #HungrierThanEver, but that didn’t go quite as planned.

  • -The Coyotes are still trying desperately to prove their relevance, but Bob Miller, gem that he is, is just not here for that.

Calgary Flames

  • -Jonas Hiller will NOT get some delighted heckling from me as he stopped 49 out of 50 shots from a very talented Blackhawks team. He was the saving grace of the Flames because I’m not sure they’re too well versed on how to hockey.


  • -This is actually about the Flames’ farm team, but when your mascot is debuted and then quickly extinguished before even taking the ice, you can’t help but shake your head and laugh.

  • -Looks like Sam Bennett’s shoulder surgery went off without a hitch. With a 4-6 month recovery time-frame, he may be able to play with the Flames, but will likely head down to the Frontenacs.

Chicago Blackhawks

  • -In more “random players who don’t score goals scoring goals,” Daniel Carcillo did a goal thing.

  • -Kris Versteeg is once-again (still?) side-lined after a setback in his recovery

  • -Despite being outplayed by the Stars in the season opener, it’s Patrick Kane with a beauty of a shootout goal to win it for the Blackhawks. It’s always Patrick Kane.


Colorado Avalanche

  • -To the dulcet tone of “RE-GRES-SION!” chants, the Avalanche score their first goal of the season well into their 3rd game of the season after being shutout in their first 2 games against the Wild.

  • -The Avalanche’s star goalie Varlamov is placed on IR with a groin injury.

Dallas Stars

  • -The Stars sign an 11-year television deal with Fox Sports Southwest which means more of Ralph Strangis and Daryl Reaugh, and that’s awesome.

  • -Tyler Seguin is just scoring hat tricks like it’s easy as all get out. The one against the Blue Jackets marks the fifth of his career.

  • -Trevor Daley performs a nice little volleypuck set up and bats the puck in midair for a goal.

Edmonton Oilers

  • -The Oilers have let in 22 goals in 4 games played with an average of 5.5 goals against per game. Oh Oilers.


  • -It’s the very beginning of the season, but everyone is already concerned about just how bad the Oilers are going to be.

  • -Like team, like fan: A fan throws an Oilers hoodie on the ice after a dismal performance with their phone still in it.

Minnesota Wild

Nashville Predators

San Jose Sharks

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