PODCAST 012: As Long As They Look Good On HBO

By Thx Bud
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Dec 16th, 2013
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We recap the poop fest that was the Kings vs the Chicago Blackhawks and celebrate the Kings going 3-1-0 on another road trip. Even when the Kings are bad, they’re just too good. Could this finally be the year that Anze Kopitar or Drew Doughty get awards for their work? And can the league invent an award for Justin Williams? Please. Plus, the Kings make an appearance on HBO’s 24/7 and come out looking cooler than Canada.

5 Minute Major Headlines
• Shawn Thornton gets 15 games for KO-ing Brooks Orpik.
• Cam Janssen and Zach Kassian are literal idiots.
• The NHL needs to get more creative about appealing to women (aka We Don’t Need More Bracelets, Dummies)
• Jay Feaster earns a one-way ticket to Fired Town.

1 Comment to “PODCAST 012: As Long As They Look Good On HBO”

  1. […] Kings win, with them now having won 8 of their last nine. After expressing my inexplicable fondness for Robyn Regehr in the last podcast,  I’m pleased to be vaguely justified in this as he tallied his first mulit-point night […]

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