PODCAST 111: Death Eater Due Diligence

By Thx Bud
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Nov 15th, 2016

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The LA Kings are still more of a rollercoaster than a joyride. Oh, and a quick update — we’re checking out for a while.

After the election, we both saw a number of NHL players across multiple teams reveal that they were particularly dismissive of (or just straight-up hateful towards) minorities and immigrants, women, etc. Being two non-white women in hockey’s predominantly wealthy white space, we always know there are fans/players/coaches/whole front offices out there who may be prejudiced against people like us, but having it put right in your face is still hurtful and exhausting. We’re tired. We’re not excited about hockey. We’re taking a pause.

It’s likely not forever, but it’s healthier for us right now. Much love to all the friends we’ve made. We’ll still be around on social media during our break, so we’re not ghosting everyone. We just need to pull back.

Be good to each other. Stay safe out there. ✌️

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