Blues at Kings: The Revenge of the Kings, The Ride

By Diane Phan
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Dec 20th, 2014

As always the Kings have to do everything in dramatic fashion. Stressful as hell in the beginning, but hilarious and wonderful in the end.

The trouble starts in the 1st period when the Blues scored 3 unanswered goals in less than three minutes.

pnr_thisisanightmare“It was 3-0” will haunt us all forever.

So OF COURSE, the score is 3-0 Blues, and that’s when the Kings end up kicking it into full gear. Marion Gaborik was able to score a power play goal to get the Kings on the board before the end of the first, and with that, the Kings slowly chip away, goal by goal at the Blues’ lead.

Anze Kopitar scores his 7th goal of the season (and 2nd in the last 15 games) to bring the Kings to within one. Marion Gaborik scores yet another power play goal, and just like that the game is tied.

The Blues score one more to get the lead again, and honestly, this game is too much for me. The third period was all Kings. Jeff Carter scores a beaut of a patient goal off an assist from Kopitar who also artfully dodged a Blues player by jumping over him. A man of many talents.

It isn’t until the 5th Kings goal that they finally get a lead. We always mention how we love when Quick makes a save that makes Jim Fox go “OH!” but this time around, it’s Bob Miller who gives Jake Muzzin an appreciative “Whoa!” after his snipe giving the Kings the lead.


The Kings weren’t done with the goals yet, and the cherry on top of this Blues win sundae was Dwight King shooting the puck from space and having it wildly bounce past Brodeur.



Kopitar ended the game with 5 points (a career high), Carter with 4 and Gaborik with 3. What a weird game. By the end of it, I could barely remember the hopelessness of the 1st period (ok, that’s a lie). But I guess we shouldn’t have feared because when the Blues come to the Staples Center, they’re gonna have a bad time.

If you want to do this again in the playoffs Blues, I’m down.

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