Pouring one out after NHL and NHLPA approve hybrid icing

By Chanelle Berlin
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Sep 30th, 2013

The NHL’s Board of Governors and NHLPA have made hybrid icing in the league official. It was used experimentally during the 2013-14 preseason and finally got the real go-ahead Monday, right before the regular season begins Tuesday, October 1.

Don’t worry. We made something to show NHL fans exactly what they’ll now see less of during games.

The aim is to reduce in-game injuries. Many professional hockey players never learned how to time their stops, so eliminating one of the reasons for races toward the boards is a really big aid. It’ll also keep people like Dion Phaneuf from crushing Anze Kopitar just for being faster than him.

Anze Kopitar crush by Phaneuf
It took almost six years, but the NHL sort of has your back now, Kopi!

Until the NHL eventually decides to go with no-touch icing entirely, there might still be some ugly slams here and there. We hope it happens sooner rather than later, because we hate unnecessary injuries and fans will keep yelling at refs about icing calls anyway.

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