Kings at Capitals: Well, That Was Awful

By NyLaKy
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Feb 3rd, 2015

Remember that glorious come from behind victory against the esteemed Blackhawks last week? The one that signaled that the Kings were coming, yet again?

That was fun.

It also feels like a distant past. A hark to better times, a better world that no longer exists.

In this world, the Kings are awful. And it’s not a reflection of their character, or their heart, or their compete. It’s not a condemnation of their future or a dismissal of the past. It just is.

Maybe these Kings, in this current season, are just not very good. Tonight was the worst they have to offer. And when they’re bad, they go all out!

The veterans looked like clueless rookies, with too many bonehead mistakes. The defense turned the puck over like a hot potato. The few chances the Kings did get they hit the net precisely 10% of the time, which is a great recipe for breaking scoring slumps. And mostly, they didn’t look like they were even capable of winning hockey games any time soon.

When Jonathan Quick is far and away your best player, and he still lets in 4 goals, the outlook is not a bright one. The most they currently resemble the Kings of prestige is that Matt Greene and Quick still tag team to beat the shit out of someone.


Ladies and Gentlemen, your highlight of the night!

That proverbial leaf could sure use some prompt turning, if it hasn’t yet wilted and crumbled away. Another game or two like this, and we all should be begging for a long off-season.

Because that….nope nope nope.

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